Pride and falls.

In response to the literary lions writing challenge hosted by Laura Feasey. The word for this one is fall. Hope you like it and do click on the link to visit her amazing blog.

Pride goes before a fall: or so mama says, but I don’t recall having any sense of pride as my face slammed into the ground: my present state offered nothing to be proud of in my opinion.

All the same, I will focus on putting one leg in front of the other, doesn’t matter whether I’m on the side walk or on a beanpole.

I won’t think of falling ‘cos that just makes it certain to happen.

I won’t think of pride or how it manages to pull people down as it would only cloud my judgement and I would never figure it out: I hate philosophies.

This way I have hopefully eliminated everything that leads to a fall.

All that’s left to do is concentrate on maintaining my balance, if only it was that easy to do.

The Russian bar has no mercy on the clumsy, left footed or proud (again I am assuming the saying holds true), or so father says. I added the last part today.

Training time again!

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