Not acceptable … we demand an explanation for church closures.

The Governor of Kaduna state Nigeria, Nasir El-Rufai, has announced the immediate closure of two churches, a seminary school as well as a hospital belonging to the Assemblies of God Church in Saminaka in Lere Local Government Area of the state.(source: channelstv)

I hate to be that person who goes on defensive mode once their religion is mentioned, scrutinized or attacked, but honestly I fail to see the rationale behind this decision. What exactly did the churches do? Where did they go wrong? How did their actions put the security of the state in jeopardy? What other steps other than closure will be taken to address the situation and reassure citizens that it was for their benefit? We need explicit answers, not coded politically laced replies intended to put off the listener from further investigations. As citizens who elected you to create change, we honestly hope those changes don’t become our nightmares.

On the other hand, I must say I am embarrassed by the actions of my fellow Christians. What went so wrong that we could not contain it amongst ourselves, has the message of Christ no real impact on our lives? Has power and a lust for the present ‘goodies’ made it impossible for us to see and do as the scripture instructs? We really need to address were our numerous callings and pursuits in the church stem from, are they God given or greed motivated?

For those saying the Governor had no right to act this way, I have to say you are very wrong. It is within his jurisdiction to step in and settle any threat to peace in the state over which he manages. It only becomes wrong when it is targeted, unwarranted and unexplainable: which is why we must choose our leaders with great care and foresight where possible. Sorry to be repetitive, but I can’t help feeling the blame lies more with the church. However, I will keep an open mind and hope the real answers get exposed and not buried as is the usual case with things in Nigeria.

Please lend your voice today, let us demand answers now. It’s not enough to label said governor and other non-Christian leaders as anti-Christians without proof or fact, when things like this happens we must demand explicit answers that way when they fail to respond or justify their actions satisfactorily, then we know the label to be true. Prior to that happening brandishing such labels only makes you look like an unbalanced fanatic and raises tension amongst us.

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