Sitting in front of my computer I made my final commitment to the dating process. This would be my last attempt; if it doesn’t work out this time, then I was done with trying. Opening the webpage I perused the headlines and options, it wasn’t looking good. Perhaps the universe truly wanted me celibate, since I was already in a defeatist mindset I decided to go along with it. It can’t get any worse can it?

Computer screen:

Welcome to Opposite@ttract.com 

We promise an instant magnetic attraction.

Today it’s all about connecting through words, choose the limerick that reflects the speech of a guy who you feel is your opposite.

Limerick 1:

My lady is a queen, a diamond like no other,

I love her wholly, in truth more than mother,

She’s fly, she’s sauve

And when she’s wearing mauve,

Her beauty shines on me above every other.

Limerick 2:

To love her, is a divine honour,

To be loved by her is a wonder,

To gaze into a eyes,

Is to rise above the skies,

She, the one for whom my soul hungers.

Limerick 3:

Baby you sexy and hot, remind me of a grand coffee,

A heated ball of energy but soothing like toffee,

I want you next to me,

No inhibitions as we lie free,

Don’t say NO ‘cos it would leave me feeling frosty.

Oh God!! It was official she was going to die celibate after all. If this was what on-line dating had to offer, she was better off choosing any random guy at the bar.

In response to the literary lions writing challenge hosted by Laura Gabrielle.

Word for this edition was limerick. Do click on the link to find other stories,

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