What is life? Life is …

Life is … A constantly changing equation solved by substitution starting from the known to the unknown. The equation has a constant variable – You(U) and is better approached using the rule of BODMAS.

(UPI + (XY)z  – Ab x 100)c = Life

Bracket: try to keep everything together

Order: It’s not enough to keep things together, it’s important to have them organised as well.

Divide: place the responsibility for each action where it rightfully belongs, this way you’ll know you not always a hundred percent innocent.

Multiply: evaluate what effect you have on those around you. Do you

  • increase their negative potentials: 3 x -1 = -3
  • decrease their potentials (negatively/positively): 3 x 0 = 0 or -3 x 0 = 0
  •  increase them or leave them the same: 3 x 2 = 6 or 3 x 1= 1

Addition: always bring something positive to the equation. The positive might be hurtful at the moment but in hindsight it will be worth it.

Subtraction: the last rule, only take away what isn’t necessary, helpful or needed.


Thus, it’s easy to see why many find life a bit perplexing, maths was never popular with the masses.

Have a great week people.


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