A life lesson from the man …. BOLT

source: http://starchop.altervista.org/usain-bolt-winner-hd-wallpaper/

I have never been more excited to watch an athlete on the field as I was watching Usain Bolt compete in the men’s 100 meters race at the IAAF championship, Bejing. His victory reaffirmed certain thoughts and beliefs I would love to build on going into the new month.

  1. Accept and relish the processing of growing older each day; embrace what it means for your body and mind, your long term/ short term goals and future as a whole.
  2. Do what you can whilst you can. Avoid procrastinating or compromising on the standards, you might not get the chance again tomorrow under the same circumstances.
  3. Live your best life today, give your best effort today, quit the irrelevant now and train the body you want in the future from today.
  4. Keep doing what you love, make improvements if necessary, but stay true to your own goals and race.
  5. Know when to live the stage gracefully for fresh hands.

Ok, so how did Usain inspire these thoughts you wonder? In 2008 he set a world record in the 100m sprint, a record which no one (including himself) has broken. He put in his best when his body was ideal to deliver the performance of a lifetime. Today, his still puts in his best and even though his speed is no longer the same he still delivers a smashing result. In a world where the option to alter his performance through drugs and the likes exists he preferred to stay true to his sports. According to the press he would be retiring from athletics after the 2017 World Championships in London. Choices such as these can only be made by someone who knows his true abilities, accepts them and improves the hand fate deals to him.

Happy new month everyone. We’re all a work in progress …

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