Straight arrow.

In response to Authors B mazing finish it challenge #29

The bottle was almost empty. Just another sip. He cleaned his mouth with his sleeve. The house was still dark. He was cold. She would be home soon. And then he would show her. He would teach her a lesson. Nobody was allowed to treat him like this. He would show her! How dare she leave him for that guy! He took another sip. The bottle was empty. Maybe he would use the bottle. She had to suffer. He would take his time. Suddenly a car was pulling up. A smile on his face he pressed his body closer to the wall, hiding in the dark.

“Is there a chance this lonely bemoaned handsome stranger can get a night cap in your luxurious establishment Madame,” Calvin asked in a husky bedroom voice

“Sure you can and if you’re lucky the matron might deliver some extra services,” Ellie replied smiling as she opened the door

Caught up in a hot kiss they failed to register his approach. The scene before him further enraged his already muddled brain, changing tactics he screamed and launched at them. Stumbling on the corner desk “I must make them pay” were his last conscious thoughts.


Where was he? What happened, how did he get here? Why were his hands tied to the bed?

“Detective his awake,” called the nurse.

This was getting worse, first the hospital now a detective.

“How are you feeling Mr. Faulkner?”

“I have been better, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Don’t you remember anything about last night?”

“Last night?”

“We found you unconscious in your ex-wife’s hallway, you placed a nine-one-one call…”

The memories came crashing back, a feeling of embarrassment engulfed him as he recalled his clumsy attempt at revenge. The detectives words dragged him out of his musings.

“.. We can’t find your wife or her boyfriend and all the evidence points at you ….”

“Hold on, what do you mean you can’t find them? They came home before I passed out,”

“The evidence contradicts your story,”

And so the downward spiral began.


“Letter for you Mike, your ma sure loves you,”

“Thank God someone still does, thanks mate,” Michael replied smiling at the warden

Sitting on his bunk he opened the letter, smiling as he prepared to read the new tale his mum had concocted to entertain him. These were the few high points of his days now,

Dear brother,

You can’t kid a kidder, a straight arrow that tries to bend can only boomerang on its’ self, isn’t that one of your life lessons?

Thanks for making life easy, everyone needs a big brother like you.


Five years of incarceration, five years of self-doubt. When the shock finally wore off only one thought weighed on Michaels mind … “I can’t be convicted twice for the same crime; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice …”

4 thoughts on “Straight arrow.

  1. I loved this. His mom is awesome to be so creative, expanding his world. I’m a momma and I can tell you I’d love my son no matter what. And your story reflects that. Also, it’s so different then the others I have read so far, different from mine too.

    Liked by 1 person

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