Almost but not quite.

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Molly Huddles story reminds me of the saying … “Never count your chickens before they are hatched …” For those who don’t know Molly is a long distance runner, yesterday she took part in the 10,000 meters race at the 15th IAAF world championship in Beijing.  Unfortunately due to a premature celebration she had the bronze metal snatched out of her grasp at the finish line. Watching the performance my heart bleed for her she had put in a lot into the race,  at that moment I felt like rewinding time just to give her a second chance. It felt unfair, but hey that’s why it’s a competition.

So next time before you do that dance … be sure you have your goal firmly in your hands.This also applies to negative/difficult situations try to ensure it can’t be salvaged or managed better before storming off, hindsight plus regret are terrible mental companions. Thankfully Molly has more chances in the future to try again, on this occasion like Brandy sang almost just didn’t count.

From another perspective, Emily Infeld’s victory (the winner of the bronze medal) reminds me of people who always want to do one better than you, they try to attribute your success to them or inform you of a better way to do something and it’s not some of the time but all the time. It’s almost like the can’t be happy with you in that moment. There you are sharing the story of a wonderful day out, just before you share the happiest bit they abruptly cut in to tell you how this or the other happened for them too or how they feel you got inspiration from them.

Hey, all of you out there who do this, please learn to enjoy the moment with someone else you don’t always have to be in the spotlight. You end up making people around you feel like Molly must have felt, a little deflated. On the other hand if you have someone like this in your life try not to be offended, for some it’s just their nature, for others it’s insecurity. Never rise to the bait to try and out do them or raise the stakes you’ll only be fueling the flames of competition.

I would like to hear how you manage such people in your life.

Please note this write up is in no way a reflection of either runners personality or an analysis of their character. It is simply my views of the event.

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