Safe haven.

In response to Authors B Mazing writing challenge #10

He looked in her eyes. He could see the sparkle in them, something that always had fascinated him. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed like windows to her soul. No matter what he felt, when he looked in her eyes, he immediately relaxed. She smiled at him and he had to smile as well. What a wonderful person she was. Smart, strong, loving and so so pretty. They hugged and again he felt her love, the warmth. A feeling he got whenever they hugged. It was strange, but she made him feel safe. How could she make him feel safe? He was supposed to make her feel safe.

She knew all his secrets and had never betrayed him. In a world filled with strangers who wanted more from him than he could give, he felt most lucky to have someone who accepted him the way he was. He could rely on her to make him feel better any time, like after a meeting with the boss yesterday. The meeting had gone on for a complete a whole tiring hour. Through the entire time the boss kept asking him questions

“Did he like it here?”

“How did he find his new colleagues?”

“Was he making any new progress?”

The boss was trying so hard to evaluate his adjustment to the new changes, it felt more like torture all he wanted was to return to her. When the meeting ended the boss and other senior colleagues discussed him like he wasn’t there, how rude right?! Some day he would let them know exactly how he felt about their behaviour. Right now he was just happy to return to his safe haven wrapped in a bear hug with teddy, the brown-eyed bear mum had given him when she dropped him off in this dark hole called an asylum.

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