Coloured by thoughts.

“How can you say that?”

“Come on! Honestly don’t you find it a little offensive?”

“No I don’t. You need to get your mind out of the gutter,” she replies laughing at her friend.

Sticking her tongue out at Jay, Zee replies “My mind isn’t in the gutter, I just find the whole public display a bit over the top and offensive. I would genuinely be embarrassed for her if she was related to me, “

“I find it a bit ridiculous though Zee that this picture offends you, but pictures of women who look in need of a weight watchers program for their ample bosoms wearing nothing more than a nipple shield and V-guard doesn’t bother you,”

“That is fashion. It might offend me, but it’s up to personal choice..”

“And this is not? Zee if this was a picture from a third world country would you still find it offensive?”

“That’s different, in those scenarios economic issues might warrant this occurring,”

“So, you won’t be offended by what’s on display then would you?”

“Not necessarily but … “

“No, that’s all the answer I need. Your personal bias is influencing what you see when you look at the picture. It’s the memories of what Harry does to yours in the sac that makes you …..,”

“Gosh you’re grouse Jay. Cut it out, you know that’s not why,”

“It is too! That’s why pictures of naked bodies don’t seem offensive ‘cos nothing is going on, but this evokes memories of ….”

The pillow landed squarely on her head at that precise moment.

Laughing Jay continued “look Zee I cringe when I see some of them as well not because its offensive ‘cos it’s not. At least in this scenario a legitimate purpose is being fulfilled, what reason do beach exhibitionist have for vividly tainting our sights and thoughts up close and personal,”


This post was inspired by the literary lion’s challenge “the eye”, and a previous post random thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Coloured by thoughts.

  1. Nursing is nursing, and I completely agree everyone who has an issue with it should get past their hang-up about it, but…
    The child on the left brings to mind a horrible personal story.
    I was 16 years old. A bunch of older cousins came to visit my family that summer. One night I was left to babysit all of their children while the adults went out for dinner. I was warned that one of the toddlers would probably insist on nursing. They weren’t kidding. At one point in the evening the child, old enough to know I was not its mother, nevertheless crawled onto my lap and started pulling at the collar of my t-shirt and reaching down into my bra for my breasts. I.Was.Mortified. The child was absolutely determined to latch on to whatever teet it could find, but I was not going to have any of it.
    By the time the adults came back, I was in tears and the toddler was also in a state of hysterics. Boy, did my cousin get a what-for from my mother and father when they finally got out of me why I and the toddler were so upset.

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    1. Wow! Not a very good introduction to breastfeeding LOL! But on a serious note most breastfeed toddlers aren’t like that, most are well adapted to having something else in place of food or comfort from their mums at that age.

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      1. Which is why my cousin got a scolding from my folks. If I were older/mature and more experience with babysitting at the time (I wasn’t one of those teens that did a lot of that for whatever reason) I would have kept my cool so as not to cause distress, but it still would have been very awkward.

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  2. This reminds me of what we talked about today, I can see it was fresh in your mind by the date of this post 🙂
    I have to admit, recently I have been wondering whether images like that do more harm than good — on the one hand, people need to get used to seeing breastfeeding mothers everywhere to feel that it is the norm. On the other hand, if they have lukewarm feelings about breastfeeding, an image like this might shock them and put a shadow in their minds over breastfeeding in general.
    In the end, I do think that if something isn’t right (like denying mothers the right to feed their children however, whenever and wherever they need/want to), then we shouldn’t be taking half measures to rectify it (i.e. saying “you can feed in public but only discreetly, so put that breast away” or “showing a feeding baby is fine but presenting a feeding toddler is wrong/disgusting”) — I feel in this case it has to be all or nothing. As with every case of discrimination there shouldn’t be any “buts” (as in: “I’m not a racist, but…”, “I’m not homophobic, but…”). That’s my view 🙂

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    1. Very true Ola, there shouldn’t be half measures it’s either all or nothing. Every mother should feel comfortable to feed their baby/toddler anywhere, anytime. We can only hope that over time the thought/image of a breastfeeding mother provokes only positive supportive response from the general public. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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