For the King

In response to the Literary lion writing challenge.

They say it’s a privilege to dance before royalty and indeed it is. Tonight I join the sect of common maidens who have brought pleasure to men of noble birth. I sway from side to side in gentle rhythm with the tune, spinning around in graceful circles as I   approach the throne. My sun kissed skin glossed in golden honey reflects the light through the thin veil of my sheer gold apparel. The tempo of the music increases, so does the gyration of the glass beads on my slender hip. I dance towards the king, kneeling before him I raise my hand up in order to receive the customary kiss of approval.

As I rise we stare into each other’s eyes for a second. His an unveiled mask of heightened sexual arousal the look of predator weighing it’s prey; mine the gaze of a shy, but confident pristine maiden caught in the snarls of a sensual powerful man.

The tension in the room thickens as I pick up the sword mounted on the east wall, the guards spring to action, the King deters them with just a flick of his finger. He knows I have a special exotic dance that needs a sword, he senses no danger within the walls of his inner hall. Oh! great King Romulus your arrogance and trust in your strength and knowledge shall be your downfall, for though of noble birth you are as vile hearted as a brood of vipers. Tonight you shall know death by the hands of a common wench as you ascend the throes of the seventh heavens.

Tonight, I shall become one of  Atrete’s great warriors to turn the tides of history, never to be seen again.

Sadie Marquardt Cabaret Costume
Sadie Marquardt Source:

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