Tangled limbs

In response to finish it #23.

She could hear them from far. Him of whom she thought would be her future husband and her. Her best friend. How could she! How could they. Slowly she approached the bedroom door, unsure if she wanted to open it and see what seemed so obvious. If she would walk out now she could pretend. Pretend it was just a dream. Pretend it was just her imagination. Go back to normal. But if she opened this door now and saw what she was expecting to see, there would be no return.

She turned to make a hasty exit.

“It’s better to live with a harsh reality than the ghost of hovering doubts,” came the soft whisper of mamas’ voice.

She pushed the door open prepared to face her worst reality head on; only it wasn’t what she expected. They were two couples rather than one, naked limbs and bodies entwined in a web of ecstasy. They were absolutely oblivious of her presence.

“Gavin what’s happening,” she whispered in a broken voice.web

“What does it look like? Stop being a prude and join the party,” the brunette answered in a voice so much like hers. The brunette turned and a wave of icy fear washed over her, it felt like she was looking into the soul of a twin she didn’t know existed.

“She’s not a prude just caught in the wrong love nest. Anna give me the chance to show you what love is. Get rid of him,” came the response in a voice she instantly recognized as Andrews, the man on whom her twin was sprawled out on.


“Anna wake-up, you’re running late,” Gavin said giving her a nudge.

All through the day the memory of the dream hunted me.

What did it mean? Was Gavin cheating on me with Stacy?

Or was it simply the result of a guilty conscience, did Gavin know I was sleeping with Andrew?

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