Asserting identity.

In response to the literary lion.

He woke up feeling very strong, full of male vigour. Today he would ascend the throne as king; life was looking good. He strolled through the kingdom exuding masculine charm, causing hearts to flutter from fear and admiration.

No one knew what kind of king he would be, going by his present demeanour humility definitely won’t be a trademark of king Theodosius. To everyone he met he posed the same question, no one dared to differ in their response until he met the silent one.

“Who is king?” he asked


Again he asked “who is king?”

Once again silence resounded.

“Answer me now, who is  ….”

King Theodosius woke up to find the world swirling in front of his eyes.

“You should really attend an anger management class; I didn’t ask if I was the strongest. I asked if I was king”  He called out to Theodore the elephant.

“Some people just like showing off,” he signed walking back to his lair.


The “king” is not necessarily the strongest, most intelligent or bravest member of the clan/group/organisation/country, etc.


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