Sea (see) food.

My friends call me a foodie, which  means I am a food critic; but they got it all wrong. I simply love to appreciate every aspect of my meal, purchasing the raw material, processing it, presenting it and finally partaking in the meal. For some people presentation is irrelevant, but for me it’s the key part of the meal; as they say you first eat with your eyes.Original image found at The Design Work.

Thus, when Sia presented me with the above as a teaser before our meal I had a sinking feeling in my belly. I don’t like seafood; I don’t appreciate seeing angry seafood. And it all went pear shaped when the bell rang announcing the arrival of Chinese take away. Needless to say I won’t be seeing Sia again.


Hi everyone, this is my contribution for the picture it & write creative exercise hosted by Ermilia at ermiliablog. Hope you like it.


11 thoughts on “Sea (see) food.

  1. Hahahaha I like the angry seafood comment. I don’t cook and presentation is usually meaningless to me. However, when it’s something I don’t think I’ll like, presentation matters more. My coworker was kind enough to cook lunch for me today and told me it was tofu. Having had a HORRIBLE experience with tofu in the past, I was scared. Thankfully hers looked like meat, so I convinced myself as much and actually enjoyed it. It’s amazing what the visuals can do for food.

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