Stolen vines

“Miss Santiago where were you when the body was found?”Officer Mendez asked

“I was right here in the lounge with Maria. We only got up when Andrea screamed, I still can’t believe his dead. I mean who would want to kill Jeffrey,”

Andrea sat in the corner trying to process Jeffrey’s death it just didn’t add up. Jeff was in perfect health, their relationship was blooming, he had purchased the vineyard for her a show of faith that he would leave his wife.

“Miss I know this is a bad time, but we need a full statement from you. It would help us get a step closer to find the cause of death,” Carlos asked

Andrea couldn’t speak at first, but once she did the words came tumbling out, so did an avalanche of tears.

From the shadows I watch, they all deserved to die. Sticking their greedy conniving claws where they didn’t sow. The vineyard wasn’t theirs for the taking and promises shouldn’t be broken.

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy click on the link to visit the blog. The photograph was provided and we are challenged to write a 100 – 150 words (+/- 25 words) story inspired by it. Do click on the link for other stories.

Thanks Joy for hosting. Photograph provided by Vanessa Rodriguez

Thank you for stopping by.

22 thoughts on “Stolen vines

  1. This is a story which keeps everyone guessing as to who the murderer could be. The only certainty is that the murderer didn’t like the way Grandpa’s vineyard had been sold. Intriguing, Chioma.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Then I suppose it could be the wife – although there’s nothing in the story to suggest that she is the granddaughter. I suppose Grandpa could ge a general nickname, though. (I think I’m going round in circles here!)

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  2. Is that all? Where’s the rest where’s the rest?! No fair! Now you’ve gone and wet my appetite. Well it could be a serial killer whi has a thing against cheating husbands but then the vineyard bit. Hmmm may be someone closer to home : )


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