Caught in the act.

Hi everyone, this is my contribution for the picture it & write creative exercise hosted by Ermilia at ermiliablog. Hope you like it.

grocery store aisle

“Hi, sorry to bother you, where can I find canned vegetable soup?” Sammy asked

“Cookie, mummy Cookie!” Henry screeched clenching and opening his fist

“It’s on the second aisle right next to the frozen foods” replied the shop assistant with a smile.

“Thank you,”

“Mummy cookieeee!” Henry screeched even louder whilst attempting to leap out of my arms as we walked by the cookie display.

“Henry you are not getting any cookies, you already had lots of sweets today. But if you’re good boy tomorrow I might get you some,”

“No mummy, cookie now,” pulling at my hair and hand bag simultaneously. He was starting to draw attention to us, but I was used to such shopping theatrics until I reached the canned food aisle. There he was, six feet of gorgeous maleness.

OMG! What to do. Drop Henry and act like he’s not mine, Henry then runs riot or goes missing, nope not a good plan? Or say he’s my sisters, but how do I explain the mummy tag without any loopholes? Turn around and make a run for it? Won’t work, try running on tiled floors whilst carrying a bag of potatoes, a definite no  no.

Ohhhh! Why had she lied.



4 thoughts on “Caught in the act.

  1. My mom handled our tantrums using embarrassment. She would play mime in front of restaurants or throws her own tantrums in the store. Not sure how the final line played in with the rest of the story, but overall liked it.

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