Test of manhood.


Akunna ran with all his strength further into the forest, he turned left trying to hide behind the mighty iroko tree, but it was no use. Thus, he continued to run almost losing hope until he saw the ikendu river known for its protective powers, he ran into, shut his eyes and embraced its’ soothing touch on his blazing sole. But like a man trying to outrun his shadow, his eyes could not resist the prying powers of the gods as they opened to the face of the gods stirring ferociously into his soul. Paralysed with fear his body began to tremble like an earthworm dipped in salt; the battle cry set the waters vibrating and with that Akunna broke the hold of the gods and set off running again. For that moment he had escaped lunacy at the hands of the gods.

Setting his foot into his compound, the face was nowhere to be found. Akunna burst into laughter his chi had saved him. Indeed he was a true descendant of noble warriors whose spirits could not be easily destroyed. His body trembled from all the energy spent as he staggered into his hut. He lies on the bed for a few minutes to catch his breath as he opened his mouth to beckon his wife, his gaze befell a grave reality. With a roar like that of hades hounds Akunna’s soul left his body, the earth no more to reside. For though he had escaped lunacy, he could not derail the arm of justice.

“I know you are all wondering what Akunna must have done to deserve such a fate. You see Akunna failed the very first test of a warrior; the test of manhood. The gods had decided to test Akunna, they took the form of a virgin picking wood in the forest where Akunna trained when he beheld her beauty Akunna was enthralled. When he learnt she found pleasure in him and wasn’t from his hamlet he proceeded to lie with her. Once his seed was sown the maiden disappeared and Akunna realised he had failed the test. Challenging the hand of lunacy as a punishment further angered the gods, thus death became inevitable.

arm of justice

“You must remember my sons, manhood is not measured by your wealth or by the prowess of your sword on the battle ground. It is measured by your ability to keep the dangling sword between your thighs firming sheathed. When sited alone the enemy and even our clan often uses this method to destroy many warriors. This is why the gods test every warrior, those who fail must accept the punishment or face Akunna’s fate. You must learn to control its amorous ways,”

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                           Source: JujuFilms.tv

Akunna: (noun) a name meaning fathers wealth

Iroko: (noun) a huge tree, commonly found in some Nigerian villages

Ikendu: (noun) a name meaning life’s strength.


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