Are breastfeeding advocates being unfair to formula feeding parents?

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, Bottle-feeding isn’t easy. Question is which gives maximum profit, if you were starting a business would you settle for average earnings or maximum profit? Breastfeeding is a choice, Bottle-feeding is a choice, all we advocate is to have mum making well-informed choices.
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Tiger Mama

I recently stumbled upon something on Facebook that I see all too frequently. A parent with good intentions shares an article about the benefits of breastfeeding (or, more controversially, the disadvantages of formula feeding), and the problems with the formula industry – this one on this occasion – and finds herself crashing into a wall of oppositional comments. It certainly appears that you cannot sing about the benefits of breastfeeding, or discuss the downsides of formula feeding, or even talk about the underhand practices of the formula industry in a negative light, without causing offence to a number of formula feeding parents.

Are breastfeeding advocates being unfair?

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