Dear Lucy,

It’s been a long while since I last saw you, we used to be such good friends but I guess the times have changed. We had some great moments didn’t we? I remember helping you walk in the early days when your feet weren’t so steady yet. Do you remember the day we raided mum’s kitchen cupboard, we made a right old mess didn’t we and had fun doing it too. Mum wasn’t so happy but I  was proud of you, you had mastered the secret of moving in and out of tight corners.

But my best days were the early days, you spent almost every second gnawing on the toys on my dashboard. It felt good knowing I was soothing your itching gums, I was useful. Lucy its fine you don’t need me any more, its a sign you have grown but leaving me out in the cold breaks my heart. I am exposed to natures mood swings and ill-treatment by unpleasant passers-by; some spit on me whilst others pass horrific smelling fluids on me.

I had always thought that when  the time comes for you to move on you pass me to someone else. I won’t have minded if you took me to a charity organization or sold me off for a pound. All I want is another child for me to help and nurture.

Lucy I still love you and hope you rescue me soon please. Winter is almost here and I don’t know how long before I undergo irreparable tear and wear.

Love the abandoned walker.

copuright creatingahomeng/livehomeandaway

Teach a child gratitude never discard useful things carelessly.


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