Mourn with those that mourn; mend the divide.

On the 17th of June 2015, nine people were killed at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, South Carolina. The victims had gathered for bible study on the said day and the shooter was reported to have been participating in the bible study for about an hour before he turned on his victims. Every time I hear of mindless killings like this I can’t help asking why did this happen? Who does this help? My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones this way. Death though a gruesome fate is one we all know is inevitable, but when it comes upon us as a result of another’s prejudice or mindlessness it has a tendency to breed Hatred and widened the human divide. Today I mourn with those who mourn.

  • To the black community: I weep with you, for all the lives we have lost over the decades. The black man seems to be the ideal walking target for anyone with a misplaced agenda to rule the world or right a personal wrong. But we must never fear or faint for we have come through so much to give up now. I know that there are some amongst us who have indeed offended others, to them I say desist from such for it adds no value to humanity and should the sword of justice swing towards you do not play the racism card or blame another for your errors.
  • To the non-black community: I appreciate those of you who truly mourn with us, who do not mouth-off solidarity or equal rights for all races just to be politically correct. And, I mourn with those who have lost a loved one to hate crimes committed by those seeking retribution for perceived or real crimes. I know there are those amongst you who can’t imagine a world where people are judged for whom they are rather than their skin colour and to them I say nature was never designed to be a monochrome picture, nature’s appeal lies in it vibrant and varied display of colours.
  • To the church in Charleston, South Carolina: I applaud your courage in returning to worship and for sharing the message of Christ’s love. I know many will have their minds riddled with doubt, fear and unanswered questions, but I pray it does not divide you, but brings you all closer to the love of Christ. If there ever was a time when the world needs to embrace love and forgiveness it is now. May Gods grace keep you till He returns.
  • To the victims families: I can’t say I truly understand the depth of your pain or anger at this moment; but I pray for you that you embrace the pain and release the anger. I pray that you get through each day better and easier than the last. I pray you take your fears to God, trusting in his unfailing love.

Black is beautiful, black is brilliant. White is wonderful, white is wise. Brown is better, Brown is balanced. Today I mourn with those that mourn let us mend the divide.

I have only referred to the “black” and “white” skin colours for this write up as it represents the major colour divide in society. Brown in this context refers to a world where a divide doesn’t exist, where black co-exists peacefully with white.


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