Breastfeeding awareness week …. Day 4

Take pride in breastfeeding its the one thing certified around the world and through history to give your baby the best start; the one choice in life your child definitely won’t argue over with you, to be honest they make you go on even when you want to quit. Chioma I.N

Top tips on breastfeeding:

1. Watch your baby not the clock.

2. Relax get as comfortable as possible before you start feeding. Try to feed baby before they become upset (this is applicable to those feeding with a bottle too).

3. Unlatch and try again if it feels uncomfortable. A proper latch minimises the chances of a sore nipple or poor feeding cycles.

4. Don’t give up on a bad or good day, stop when you want. The days might be long but the year will be short. Enjoy each cuddle.

5. Your baby, your body ultimately your choice. Listen and investigate every advice but never feel pressured to stop without ensuring its the best choice for baby.

6. Trust your ability to nurture baby, trust baby’s’ ability to let you know what they need.

7. Find a reliable support group, be open to advice and help even from an unexpected source.

8. Connect back with your hobbies and fun activities to avoid becoming totally baby brained.

Happy breastfeeding.


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