Breastfeeding awareness week …. Day 3

“When we trust the makers of baby formula more than we do our own ability to nourish our babies, we lose a chance to claim an aspect of our power as women. Thinking that baby formula is as good as breast milk is believing that thirty years of technology is superior to three million years of nature’s evolution. Countless women have regained trust in their bodies through nursing their children, even if they weren’t sure at first that they could do it. It is an act of female power, and I think of it as feminism in its purest form.”
Christine Northrup

“Increase in breastfeeding could save NHS £40m a year,” The Independent reports after a recent economic modelling study projected a reduction in childhood diseases and breast cancer rates would lead to considerable savings for the health service. (NHS, 2014)

In order to create more awareness for breastfeeding I have made a list support networks in the UK which isn’t all encompassing but I hope it points anyone who comes across it in the right direction. Do click on the link for the list. Breastfeeding support

Please feel free to add a suggestion through the comment box.

Some recommended on-line informative resource includes:  (Dr. Jack Newman contributes to this site.)

There are organisations that promote/protect breastfeeding by monitoring the marketing activities of the baby feeding industry ensuring it is not misleading the public. Baby milk action is one of such organisation to find out more about them visit their website Globally breastfeeding is promoted by WHO (World health organisation), IBFAN (International baby food action network), UNICEF( United nations children’s fund), WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action) to name a few.

There are also numerous on-line forums which offer support please carefully choose one, preferably one recommended by friends or a professional to avoid exposure to the wrong information and people.

“They convinced our mothers that if a food item came in a bottle — or a can or a box or a cellophane bag — then it was somehow better for you than when it came to you free of charge via Mother Nature….An entire generation of us were introduced in our very first week to the concept that phony was better than real, that something manufactured was better than something that was right there in the room. (Later in life, this explained the popularity of the fast food breakfast burrito, neocons, Kardashians, and why we think reading this book on a tiny screen with only three minutes of battery life left is enjoyable.”
Michael Moore


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding awareness week …. Day 3

  1. The slogan ‘Breast is Best’ says it all. The manufacturers of baby formula promote it as better because they’re out to make a profit, after all. That isn’t to say that formula milk should not be available, and mums who can’t breast feed shoud be made to feel guilty. But for the majority of mothers for whom breastfeeding is possible, the pressure to give in to / believe the adverts is enormous. I think that, nowadays, breast feeding has been better promoted and many mothers are listening and giving it a go, if only for a short while.

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      1. It’s funny how breastfeeding goes ‘in and out of fashion’, as it were. I do think there’s a trend now to come back to natural means for a lot of things. When I had my children, bottle feeding was seen as preferable by so many women. I’m lucky to have had a mother who thought differently. Her advice and support hepled me a lot with my first baby.

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