Happy father’s day love

So at first I wanted to write a post on the history of fathers day and I had hoped it would be filled with sob stories of men who raised their families through tears and heartache but what I found was a bit off the mark.

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Fathers day was officially started by Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to honour her father William Jackson Smart  an American civil war veteran who had been responsible for raising his six children alone following the death of his wife during childbirth. Now this part fits well with what I wanted to write but the part about getting the day officially recognized went down the commercial route. Which we all know makes each holiday lose its central focus, in this case the recognition of the remarkable fathers in our lives to become a huge commercial sales boom for industries involved. But hey that’s life someone’s got to make some money out of every opportunity and I won’t let it take me off track. So..

To a wonderful father and grandfather whom I never really thought I would miss this much, thank you for the time, effort and resource you put into making my life what it is today. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t all I thought it could be but I think you did your very best and right now that’s all that counts.

Don’t mind the cake.

To a wonderful father and husband, thank you for the lovely things you do even those we don’t seem to notice and those that make us slightly miffed. We love and appreciate very little bit. Love your princess.

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“Father’s are the foundations on which we build our futures, they shape the platforms from which we stand to view the world. Thank you for standing tall and strong for me”. Baby L


2 thoughts on “Happy father’s day love

  1. Lovely post, Chioma, particularly the personal touch. I agree that the commercial side of this celebration spoils it – just as it spoils Mother’s Day and every other traditional celebration.

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