The contest


“Guys we need more practice, don’t forget your answer and question must be linked to form a strong word chain. I’ll start” Philip said.

“Did you take the measurement of each material?” he asked

“All except the last item on the list. Did the store have everything on the list?” replied Amanda

“Sure they did. Did I miss anything?” asked Andy

“Oh common Andy, concentrate?” shouted Philip

“Why do you inflict him on us? Can’t you write-up someone more suitable?” Philip continued.

Right, time to take a break, grumpy characters cramped my style.

“Come back here you,” Philip yelled.

Word count 98

In response to Friday fictioneers writing challenge hosted by Rochelle. The above picture was provided and we are asked to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting it, see you next week.

Thank you for stopping by…do click the link to read other stories.


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