Every little helps.

Three friends lived together in a little cottage

at the end of mud-berry lane, Peter, Mandy and Tommy.

Each  had a chore to do, and each did it well.

But one day Peter thought he could do things better than the others

and this is what happened.

Slide2“Right everyone, am off for the day ,” said Peter.

“Have a good day at  the mill”, replied Mandy

“Bye Peter”, called Tommy

Tommy took the trash out,Slide3

Mandy tided the bookshelf and made a big pot of stew for dinner.

Every chore was done before Peter came home.

When Peter came home he huffed through his dinner.Slide4

And Puffed all the way to bed.

He mumbled about the stew and complained about the trash.

he thought to himself, I can do things better myself.

Mandy and Tommy decided to leave the chores undone the next day.

Unless Peter learnt to say thank you for the effort.

But Peter didn’t learn, he did the chores alone

He was very tired and missed his friends sorely

Then Peter said to Mandy and Tommy

“Thank you ever so much for doing the chores each day, every little does really help,”.Slide1

He truly felt sorry for being rude to his friends.


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