An ode to the breasts.


a. pre-puberty age  b. puberty -pre pregnancy age c.  pregnancy to post child bearing age d. post child bearing age.


On my chest two dark spots,

had no clue what they were,

but as I grew they stayed put

not changing I wondered why

Didn’t really care



Morning came, spots became mounds

Light became heavy

Flat chests became shapely

Some days I liked them

some days not so much



Morning came, shapely became fuller,

Firm became tender

Aesthetic roles became history

nourishing roles took over

Purpose became fulfilled



Morning came, perky became saggy

Full became empty,

Sexy required support

Smooth became wrinkled

but I won’t trade them for another

These boobs have stories to tell.

According to several documented research pregnancy rather than breastfeeding changes the look/feel of the breasts.

After pregnancy, whether you have breastfed or not, your breasts probably won’t look or feel the same as they used to. You may have put on weight or lost weight. It is not unusual to find your breasts have altered in size and shape compared with before pregnancy. If you have breastfed you may have lost some of the volume in your breasts. Some women don’t like the changes to their breasts post-pregnancy while others accept the changes to their breasts as they have played an important part in their child’s early days. All these changes are normal and are part of the changes your breasts go through at different stages in life. NHS UK/

Whether you breastfed your child or not, your breasts served as a heaven of comfort for them and for that every mother should be proud of her breasts regardless of its changes. However, I must say that a breast which feeds another (for a day/week/month/year/years etc.) has a lot of eye watering, laughter bubbling and heart warming stories to tell.

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