Family ties.

 “Charlie what’s going to  happen to us?” I asked sitting on the steps of the gazebo.

“I am not sure Henry, but am sure we will be fine, nothing has changed,” replied Charlie

“How can you say that, didn’t you hear anything they said?” I asked almost screaming at Charlie. I really wanted him to be right, but somehow I knew Charlie won’t be able to fix this problem, our family was officially no longer a unit.

“They are so selfish and shouldn’t  have been parents ever,” I continued

“Don’t say that Henry, look, as long as we stay together and  take care of each other  like we have always done in the past we’ll be OK,” replied Charlie drawing Henry in for a hug.

Charlie was actually more angry and confused than I was, he had caught mum and her boss in bed just three days ago whilst dad was at work. He kept it a secret from dad and me, for a twelve-year old he was turning into a super big brother.

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy. The photograph is provided and we are asked to write a story inspired by it within 100 – 150 words(+/- 25 words). Thanks Joy for hosting and  thank you Dawn M. Miller for the photograph. And thank you for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Family ties.

  1. How sad that Charlie had to be the one to witness that scene. It was a big secret for him to be burdened with, but he really did want to keep the family together. 🙂 Was it three days ago, or three weeks?

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