Did they really rescue the girls?

They say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth but on this occasion I beg to differ. I can’t help thinking that the success of the Nigerian military in the Sambisa Forest north-east Nigeria eventually leading to the release of 300 girls and women from the boko haram fighters camp seems a little too easy and premeditated.

There are certain questions that must be answered before we embrace this good news:

1.What changed in the activities of Boko Haram?

2. Did their defence become weaker?

3. Why wasn’t the forest easy to penetrate in the past?

4.Has Boko Haram lost funds, weaponry, or soldiers?

5.When was the mission planned?

6. What happened to the Nigerian military, how did they get empowered suddenly?

7. Why did this success come straight after the elections?

8. Is there any documentation covering the entire Sambisa forest operation both on the military  and civilian front?

These and so many other questions beg an answer from the military, our leaders and mayhap Boko Haram.

A close scrutiny of the facts and rumours surrounding boko harams operation from 2009 till date makes this sudden success by the Nigerian military look more like a charade by a political sect. A veiled attempted by these individuals to pull the wool over our eyes but in my opinion it only exposes their sickening quest for power at all costs, even the cost of an innocent child’s life. They underestimate the ability of the masses to see through their ploys,they have bullied the masses into silence but some day their voices will speak from beyond and shatter the charade we call democratic leadership.





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