Grown up rendezvous.

She sat on the bench observing the reflection of the lovely sunset on the pond, trying her best to stay calm.

The fear of being ridiculed by Esmee and her cronies was the only reason she  was still here against her better judgement.

Clad in a pair of black bum shorts, a sheer pink top, black killer heels and bright red lipstick all picked by Esmee, Nicole looked less fourteen and more twenty-two.

They choose the park as the best place to meet him as she was less likely to run into anyone who would rat her out to her parents. They would absolutely kill her!.

She caught a figure approaching from her right and the nerves came back. O gosh he looked buff even from a distance.

As he got closer her excitement eclipsed into feelings of horror and panic.

What was he doing here? How would she explain this to him.

Worse than her parents, her brother would strangle her no more on-line rendezvous for her.But she was relieved to see him.

In response to the writing challenge Flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Click on the link to read other stories.


12 thoughts on “Grown up rendezvous.

  1. Great story! She is lucky it was her brother she saw ,and he probably helped to prevent her from getting into a really bad situation. Was he there by coincidence, was he on line too, or did someone tell him his sister would be there!

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  2. Wow! What a cautionary tale! Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way and get caught but I’m glad it ended well for her and she didn’t fall into a really bad situation.

    Liked by 1 person

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