Who’s laughing now.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“Are you laughing at me?”Jess asked

“Can you blame me, flowers laughing ‘cos its a sunny day. Honey you’re getting baby brain fussy.” he replied

“You think mama’s gone cuckoo too don’t you love but I know what I saw .”

Next morning:

“Babe am about to leave”

“Have you had your coffee?”

“Yeah, you got it spot on with the amount of cream. Just the way I like it.”

“That’s nice to hear, ‘cos I used a new milk today…the fabulous breast-milk”

“I don’t believe you, you won’t dare. Honestly Jess tell me you didn’t.” He asked in an incredulous voice.

“Do you believe I saw laughing flowers yesterday? she asked

“No I don’t, come on!

“Then I didn’t use breast-milk” she replied with a cheeky smile.

He knew that smile.. “O gosh Jess, that’s disgusting”, shouted Nate as he rushed to the bathroom.

Who’s laughing now.

In response to Monday finish the story writing challenge hosted by Barbara. We have to write a 100-150 words in response to the photo prompt. Click here to read other stories.

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