Fate decided.

He had not chosen them. No fate had, just as it had changed his life 5 years ago transforming him from a brilliant lawyer full of life to an embittered avenger searching for justice it had brought them together strangers from different walks of life to sharing this journey, each oblivious to the others stories or destination.

No one had listened, justice wasn’t served; his family had been wasted for naught but today everyone including the passengers would listen and he might find peace in death. Then he heard her voice

“Daddy I love you, you’re my hero.” She said

“Love you too Emily”

“Don’t cry daddy am happy, so are Benny and mummy. You always said hug the bad feelings away, this isn’t a hug daddy” she replied.

How could he tell her the world wasn’t as fair as he once believed.

In response to FLASH FICTION FOR ASPIRING WRITERS challenge Week of 04/22/2015. Click on the link to read more stories.

8 thoughts on “Fate decided.

  1. Very sad that he lost his family and feels the only way he can find peace is through death. I hope his little girl talking to him convinced him not to do that. Seems as children or adults we find the world isn’t as safe and trustworth as we once thought. Excellent story. It got me thinking.

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