Forever after……

Part II

© 2015, Barbara W. BeachamOnce upon a time in a land far far away…. as Mary walked past her sons’ room she couldn’t help smiling at the sound of her mother-in-laws voice telling Christopher a native bedtime story.

Her visit was almost coming to an end; it had proved to be a tedious but also heart-warming visit. Her mother-in-law was definitely not ready for life in the UK for that she supposed she should be grateful at least she wouldn’t be around to critique every move she made.

But her visit had made her husband so happy and the native meals weren’t  so bad in fact she had finally learnt to cook the red jellof rice just like Nana’s. It hadn’t been easy to stay cordial all through but Edwards support shone through with each day…especially when he said I’ll eat anything so long as we are together happily ever after.

Part I

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“Pizza anyone?” she asked trying to hide her disappointment behind a mask of laughter.

“Pizza as a meal, this you peoples lifestyle here is very strange. What happened to the jellof rice you were cooking?” She asked in her usual diminutive voice belling her absolute displeasure.

Mary was the end of her tether; the woman could test the patience of a saint.

“It didn’t come out right, so I decided to save you the medical stress of eating it. I could make you my special noddles if you don’t want pizza.”  Saying each word was an exercise of patience.

“Ahh don’t worry my dear, I will just make okro soup it’s been a while I had some native food.”

The first ten days had been tolerable; Mary had a dreadful feeling things would be going downhill rapidly. Her mother-in-laws visit was proving to be the toughest test of her marriage.

2 thoughts on “Forever after……

  1. I like that you wove the two together! What will happen next? Time will tell… Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge! I added your story to the inlinkz. (That would be through the blue fellow). I understand the issues with limited internet access only too well! Be well, and I hope that you return next week… ^..^


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