Home sweet home.

Part III

This particular street always brought a sense of peace and calm which was good especially as she was going to see her last client for the day.

It was a good neighbourhood; one Mrs Pritchard never failed to sing about and today was no different only this time she wasn’t so happy.

“They want to put me in a nursing home far away from here, am not happy but they won’t listen to me. Not happy at all”. She said

I was surprised and didn’t think it was right. She was happy here, sure she needed more medical attention but taking her somewhere strange won’t help.  Nkechi couldn’t say that as it would only maker Mrs Pritchard feel worse.

“I have lived here for 30 odd years never had a bad day really. I don’t think I can do it.”

Nkechi would miss her and the quintessential neighbourhood.

Part II

I had only gone to the fair for some good fun, to ease the mounting tension of pursuing a master’s degree.

I worked into Madam Indigos’ tent just to prove to Louise that I was open minded and unfazed by the unknown. The ambiance was eerie and smoky designed to tune your senses to the supernatural unfortunately it made me more sceptical.

As expected her card reading was all doom and gloom, it didn’t improve my impression of her trade.

The screams and sirens rent the air 6AM on Monday, it was pure chaos. 8AM and the man in the ominous building was taken away in a strait jacket his house was partially burnt, no one knew what had happened.

Nkechi couldn’t help but remember madam Indigos’ words when she pulled the joker card.

“I see dark clouds and flames everywhere; the joker never appears in vain” said Madam Indigo.

Nkechi stood looking out the window of her first floor flat; she still couldn’t believe she was here. She couldn’t help laughing; this was so different from home. All the houses looked the same well except for a few.

The room epitomized the words personal space to perfection; you really won’t want a flatmate sharing the limited space. For some it might have been a problem but right now it was heaven for Nkechi.

No kid sisters lying on your bed or rummaging through your wardrobe. And best of all she won’t have to spend the best part of Saturday tiding up, she could do it in an hour.

All hail the gift of personal space!

Now she just had to get use to navigating through similar streets and buildings to and fro the university, thankfully there was a massive ominous building at the bottom of her street. It gave her the creeps but it would serve as a landmark.

Her masters’ year was going to be nothing short of an adventure.


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