Was your date up to spec?

Was your date up to spec?

Yes he was.

Wasn’t John supposed to return from Chicago?

Chicago, I thought he was in Mexico.

How was his flight from Chicago?

It was relatively smooth.

What kind of paste did you make smooth or slightly coarse?

It was slightly coarse.

Did the potter use coarse or fine textured soil?

Sorry I didn’t observe that step.

Why didn’t you report the preparatory process?

I did but only for the first experiment.

Did you take the measurement of each required material?

All except the last item on the list.

Did the store have everything on the list?

No they didn’t.

Did the company staff assist you?

No, they were rather rude.

Were your new students pleasant?

They were an absolute dream.

“How was his flight from Chicago?”asked Cassandra

Sorry whose flight are you inquiring about? I replied barely able to keep a check on my anger. It was bad enough he cheated on his wife but he was being absolutely brazen about it by letting his many conquests show up at the office.I didn’t like being caught in the middle if his wife found out I was under no illusion as to how she would react to the fact that I knew about it the entire time.

“You know very well who I was referring to, Henry your boss?” replied Cassandra

“I presume it was fine as his presently in his office that would be the only possible answer. Should I let him know you are here? I asked

“Don’t bother I’ll see myself in.” Cassandra replied sarcastically already half way to the door. Her mini skirt riding up higher with each step.

“Cassy baby how are you? “Asked Henry as she walked towards him.

“Henry how could you treat me so poorly? you cheated on me Henry going to that silly party with someone else. You ignored me all through” screeched Cassie

“Hey take it easy pussy cat sheath your claws. I went alone it was just business ” replied Henry.

“You don’t honestly expect me to believe that, I know when am about to be replaced. So be honest when you answer this Henry, was your date up to spec?”

“You know I don’t kiss and tell Cassy it’s the rule of the game. I bought you a gift do you want to see it?”

“You know I do” replied Cassy knowing in a heart it was a farewell gift. When he placed the open box on her palm she gasped they emerald earrings were breath taking. They were an absolute dream.


In response to the writing challenge hosted by bumble puppies. We were asked to create a chain, The chain will consist of ten questions and ten answers. Start the chain with a question of your choice and the second link will answer it. (Tip: complete sentences will be easier to handle.) The third link will be a new question that would generate the answer that appeared above it and the fourth link will be a new answer for the question immediately above it. Keep going until you have ten questions and ten answers.

Once you’ve finished that, you’ll write the main portion of your post. The first question in your chain will be the post title. The fifth answer will be the first sentence you write. The tenth answer will be the last sentence in your post. You may write as much or as little as you like but the post must be coherent.


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