10 lessons in 10months

Towards the end of 2013, I applied for a place in the school of motherhood, thankfully I gained admission in May 2014. 10 months and a series of exciting but exhausting classes later we can’t help celebrating every little success. Seeing as its my freshman year I guess a little confusion is too be expected, but through it all I have learnt and still learning some valuable lesson.

1. Consistency is important but also tiring. Whether it’s weaning,establishing boundaries or bedtime routines it all requires that you stay focused. If you’re like me,you might get frustrated sometimes. Try to see it as a training exercise in endurance, one that increases your virtues if that helps.

2.Patience is really a virtue: one that I unfortunately now have to learn. In order to be consistent you must be patient, they go hand in hand. It’s obvious the school has well structured curriculum, doesn’t it? Without patience you will leave a lot of your babies learning to chance or you will make the learning process tedious and unpleasant both for baby and you.

3. No mother is ever truly selfish: this is subject to debate definitely. However if her baby is happy and healthy, she can’t be that terrible. Looking after a child is no small task, it involves putting another’s needs ahead of yours daily, I really don’t think you  can be selfish whilst doing that.

4. Not all nursery rhymes were written by musicians most were spontaneous creations of a mother or caregivers mind.Hence why most of them never have any other purpose other than to sooth baby and others don’t make much sense to an adult. Each baby takes to certain songs, for my baby its twinkle twinkle little star and one of my tired late night creations. 

5.Every child is unique: this has become cliché, nevertheless true. They will grow at their own pace regardless of what we might want to happen. Their talents will vary among friends and siblings. Encourage each one and celebrate with them whether they talk walk or crawl three months later than others. You are the only one who knows they are late, to them they were right on time.

6. Every mother is special: same as above.Do what works for you, if you and baby are happy the rest is irrelevant.

7. Children can bring out the best in us: we all want to be the best for our children. I always want to achieve great things in life but that desire has grown and broadened since having my daughter. I want a great career but I also want to be noble in all my ventures.To have a name she would proudly identify with any day.

8. Time will pass so fast: she was so tiny, every outfit made her look even tinier but now she wears a gown and her growing personality shines through. Its happening faster than I have time to document. I’m learning to enjoy every moment before it passes, tantrums and all.

9. A happy mum makes a happy baby: find time for the things you love to do. Don’t lose track of the things that make you fill fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong being a mum is awesome but with time having the kids as a single focus can lead to baby brain stagnancy if there is such a thing. And don’t forget to catch a break when you can.

10. Keeping a happy baby, a house clean and chasing your dreams are impossible all at the same time. Balance not perfection should be your goal. Having your priorities right is important, you will be able to do some-things right on some-days but it will be hard to do all things right all day.

I know there’s yet a long way ahead of me. These lessons will keep reoccurring as each stage passes and so as advised by my friend I’ll enjoy my cuddles even as I take my classes from Prof. Mother nature.

Happy mothers day in advance. Would love any advice or lessons, leave a comment.

Love us.


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