A moment in time.

To fall is painful

To grow is scary


To fall in love with you,

even if it sometimes hurts

To grow in love with you,

though it at times tests my patience

is awesome.

So long as it’s rooted in love,

Am willing to do it all with you,

Darling Albert. (written by Chioma I. N)

It was so like his Emily to find the right words for every occasion. As he sat beside her bed watching her sleep he read the words to her, as always he choked on them as tears filled his eyes. The past few years had been a tough battle, first was a hip accident which left him redundant then came Emily’s diagnoses of terminal cancer a year later. Each day dragged by painfully.

Through it all he had stayed true to his promise; he had brought her back to where it all started. The New country hotel overlooking Gloucester docks, where she had read those same words to him on this same date 25 years ago. They were grateful to have this moment again.

 In response to the flash fiction for aspiring writers challenge. We are given a picture and asked to write a story inspired by it. Word limit is 100-150(+/- 25 words). Do click on the link to read stories written by others.

 Word count 175.


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