My life: My Fate.

Malcolm stood looking at it, as he had done every morning. It was the same as it had been the day before and that before it. He wasn’t hoping for a sudden change, he was fascinated by its colour, scent and mythical belief associated with it. Choosing to grow the anise plant for his biology project was no accident. Anise was associated with his star sign Gemini and was considered a masculine plant. A befitting plant for his young and masculine growing status. Adding to the allure was its white feathery flower , he felt it depicted his status as a proper knight in shinning armour.

Anise plant

“Malcolm the school bus will be here soon” yelled his mom

“Be right there mom” replied Malcolm

 She was happy he was finally on the mend, the last incident had been a little too much for the family to handle. Mr Spencer’s intervention had been a much needed rainbow at the end of a dark tunnel. Discovering Malcolm’s interest in astronomy and finding a way to relate it to daily life had taken him away from the disruptive bunch he had gotten mixed up with lately. As she kissed Malcolm good bye, her mind reflected on the three major tasks marked out for today. First there was the order she had to pick up from the post office: the ephemerides for Malcolm and then she would head to the store to sort out the miscellany of antique books delivered the day before. Business was picking up, she couldn’t be more grateful.

“Morning Ollie”

“Morning Casey”

“I’m here to pick up my parcel.” Said Casey Malcolm’s mum.

“Not a problem, just give me a minute. I assume you’re still going forward with your plans.” Asked Ollie from behind the counter

“Yes I am” “Malcolm isn’t going to like it especially if he doesn’t win the match on Saturday”.

“Well I have no doubt his going to play his best game yet, so hopefully he won’t be that upset”.

It wasn’t as if she had changed his genetics or discouraged him in any way. All she had done was exchange his ordered ephemeris for a previous year’s edition.  It was all for a good course, helping Malcolm understand that we all created our own fate. Granted there will always be things out of our control but a lot more still depended on us. Besides she had spoken to his coach Mr Spencer and he had assured her that Malcolm was well prepared for the match. She left the post office with the ephemeris in toll. On getting to the store, Casey was met by three customers waiting to be served. It was going to be a hectic day. She virtually spent most of the day sorting the antique books, taking stock and displaying the books on the shelf


His last swing of the bat seemed effortless; no one expected it to be a home run. It was all they needed in the last 60 seconds to win the game. The team was over the moon, they had finally won the game for the first time in years. This was proving that his ephemeris and anise plant had brought him good luck. Malcolm was having the best time of his life.

Now it was up to Casey to let him in on her little trick. As much as she knew it was for his own good, she wasn’t  looking forward to it. But she had to let him know that his success was simply the result of hard work and confidence in his abilities not some mystical luck.

 In response to the blacklightcandelabra  writing challenge the Dewey decimal system. numbers picked 0258. the three numbers created are 502, 528, 580.

Anise plant picture from

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