Growth: the month of January was a bit hectic for us as a family. Hubby had his thesis dead line set by his boss, my 8 month old was teething  furiously, I started a blog (with little or no idea where it would go). Add to all that a desire to sought my career path and it becomes clear we were on an emotional roller coaster. But I was happy because it was a sign we were growing, reaching out for more. Growth comes with change, sometimes unpleasant but necessary. I am happy we are growing.

Love: I know, I know so cliché. February is already associated with love but honestly I am thankful for the love of a family. We had our anniversary, valentines day and hubby’s birthday all to celebrate this month. Learning to love wholeheartedly is part of growing. I found this year that true love is not about quantity but quality. I am learning to love and sincerely put my daughter and hubby first before my selfish wants.

Feeble attempts at cake making: it’s the thought that counts. Obviously I won’t be going for the great British bake-off any time soon. Ignore the cake boards.

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