Music from home

So my friend Olakitan sent this song over the weekend. At first I didn’t like it but for some reason it caught my attention this morning. Perhaps because she teased me of losing my African rhythm. Sticking my tongue out at you babe. It’s now the new song making waves in Lagos Nigeria.

A little note for my non Nigerian audience: Nigeria is a religious country, everyone regardless of tribe or ancestry believes a higher power exists.It is not uncommon for people celebrating good times to dance and sing to God neither is it strange to hear people crying or praying to God in troubled times. We also hold a strong belief that every occurrence in life is orchestrated by God hence the easy rate at which false prophets, pastors and clairvoyants multiply in our country. Sorry I digressed back to the topic.

Whilst our western counterparts use swear words when taken by surprise, angry, perplexed or shocked, it is not uncommon to hear a Nigerian inculcating Gods name in such situations. For example: Oluwa! , Chineke me!,Osanobua! can all be said in surprise. God punish you! Na God save you! (pigin English) are used more in anger. 

Irrespective of tribe or ancestry Nigerians generally love upbeat tunes, something we can dance to. The artiste who sang the song has succeeded in merging both (beat and belief) beautifully. Choosing to release it in time for the elections when fear and apprehension grips the nation is pure genius. Well done Korede Bello. Na God win!

 Names for God, adapted from Prof. John Mbiti compilation of African people and their names for God:

        Tribes/ Name:

  AFUSARE: Daxunum

  BASA: Agwatana

 BINAWA: Kashiri



 DUNGIKasiri, Kashira

 EDO: Osanobua, Osa


GBARIShekohi, Sheshu, Soko, Esse, Sheko

IBIBIO: Abassi, Chuku

 IDOMAOwo, Owoico

 IGBIRAHinegba, Ihinegba

 IGBO: Chukwu, Chi, Chineke, Olisa bi n’igwé





 JUKUN:  Shido or Chido, Ama or Ma


 KANGORO (Nigeria): Gwaza

 KAIBI: Kashiri or Kashira


KITMIKashila or Kashiri

KURAMA: Ashili, Bakashili

NKUM : Oshowo, Ebutokpabi

NUPE: Soko

ORRI : Lokpata

PITI : Ure


RISHUWAKashiri, Kasiri

RUKUBA: Katakuru

RUMAIYA: Kashillo, Kashira


SRUBU: Kasiri, Kahiri

TIV: Aondo

URHOBO-ISOKO: Oghene, Oghenukpabe

YACHI: Phahia


YORUBA: Olodumare, Olorun, Olofin-Orun


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