A fair challenge

“When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!“ Hence the shock on everyone’s face when he refused to be a contender in Albert’s duelling match at the fair. The crowd had no knowledge that Albert gave each new contender a much heavier duelling sword than that yielded by his son.They soon got exhausted fighting with it. But Jim had seen them and he hated losing on unfair terms more than anything else in life.

Albert never wanted to lose. This was a trait they had in common but unlike Albert and his son Jim would never cheat just to win. It went against his moral core. Forgoing the duelling match albeit for noble reasons wasn’t easy for Jim. However few minutes after he would be engrossed  by a more rewarding challenge; a plan to expose Albert’s trickery. Aha! The sweet taste of victory.

In response to the Monday finish the story challenge on Jim Smiley.

7 thoughts on “A fair challenge

  1. Such a lovely little tale! 🙂 Makes me wonder…how did he expose Albert and his son? Hmmm…a sign of a good story! Thanks for participating and I hope that you return again for next week’s challenge! Be well… ^..^

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