What symbol is this? what does it remind you of? How many layers does it have? How many shapes can you identify?
What symbol is this? What does it remind you of? How many layers does it have? How many shapes can you identify?

Meaning of Wahrnehmung: 1. The way you think about or understand someone or something  2.The ability to understand or notice something easily 3. The way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses From: http://www.merriam-webster.com/

Unless you can read and understand German the title of my post probably caught you by surprise, slightly intrigued you or just sailed over your head. Your reaction to it is the focus of my write up today, known as perception the English meaning of the word. Earlier in the month I wrote a piece on passing the blame for my actions/inactions to someone else, as the month comes to an end I have learnt that my perception of the situation influences this habit. For example: If I believed the outcome of my actions reflected poorly on my character the chances were higher that I would pass the blame. If they didn’t or the incident could be classed as an accident then I owned up to it faster. It all depended on my perception of the incident.

Perception influences our lifestyles in many ways:

How we relate to people: are we aggressive or passive. Manipulative or sincere.

How we see ourselves in relationships: inferior or superior, or equal to everyone regardless of sex/status.

How we handle money: are we spend-thrifts or frugal people. Do we view excessive spending as a happy life and frugal living as boring/poor.

What we display on social media: do we live our lives on social media or are we more private. Why do we choose either way of life?

How private we are: are we prone to discussing all our activities/achievement with everyone or do we keep to close friends/family. Do we fabricate stories to impress or simply live our lives regardless of people.

How we see and resolve conflicts/challenges: are we victims of circumstances or do we embrace the situation head on. Do we pass the blame or just bury our heads in the sand?

Our perception is shaped by past experiences, it also alters the outcome of future events. A happy life is dependent on our perception of people,everyday activities and existing circumstances. I am choosing henceforth to have a funny perception of each day. To evaluate why what people do or don’t do, feel or think upsets/bothers me rather than focus on what they do. I hope to reshape my perception of people, things and circumstances. I want to have  ownership of what I see, hear and understand. Of what I perceive to be true.


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