Has love come already?

Its coming, Oh my God! All the love I hadn’t felt in the last 365 days. It’s finally coming to me today. I can’t believe it’s happening. Errmmm, sorry love its the morning after, the 15th of February. Really! What happened yesterday? And so the story goes thus:

Love didn’t come….looking for love in the wrong places.

1. Some believe love didn’t come: Where is my phone? Need to find it, I think it beeped. Please tell me i have a message,pleeeease. Blank, same face stirring back at me, nothing had changed since the last 10minutes.Tossing the phone away so I didn’t have to see all the romantic pictures/words streaming through on social media. Two hours later,beep! O gosh I have a message. What am going to wear, I wonder who it is, where are we going to? Ooooo so excited. What, honestly today #*?!*. silly PPI messages. 00.00am the anxiety clasping my heart since the 10th slowly starts to dissipate. I had just one more ordeal to tackle, listening to colleagues yap all day at work.

Love came in small parcels…tsk. tsk. I expect better. Me me me

2. Some others feel love short changed them: “Is this all he got for me, just a phone? What am I going to say when Katie starts talking about her fabulous gifts. Not even a bottle of wine, no chocolates just the phone. Somebody please tell me am not overreacting, seriously no one gives only one gift at valentine.”coincidence-clipart-sad-face-clip-art

“I was trying so hard to seem excited but I couldn’t help it. This was such a let down, a buffet for valentines day?  what happened to dinner at the Ritz, OK maybe not there but a plush luxury hotel with a nice ambiance would suffice. He had better propose to make up for this, i didn’t wait 365 just to have a cheap meal”

Not again this year, movies, chinese resturant and then Mcdonalds take away for the kids. This was becoming so boring. Why can’t we do something exciting for a change. I had no idea what we could do differently but I was sure he could plan something different.

LOVE CAME….I let it shine through me.

3. Whilst others embraced love: I got up a little apprehensive. I didn’t get gifts for anyone, for today everyone was invited to have a good meal and a friend to chat with. Later in the day we could go somewhere if anyone was up for it. This year I wanted to celebrate loving people not loving gifts. 

I wasn’t always like this, i have been all the above. But am learning to love before demanding to be loved. And like a magnet attracts metal, am sunny and full of love these days. Well most of the time!

The day is over, but you can start a love bank account where loving yourself and others for who they are comes in as your savings and every other thing(gifts, requited love etc) is the interest on the account. This way when the next 365 days arrive you can make a healthy withdrawal.

 “Love is everywhere not just through one person.”

“They say life is what you make of it, I say each day is what you want it to be. Not easy but true.”

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