Frowning forehead, expressionless eyes, a set jaw line similar to a sculpted roman warrior set to defeat the enemy. Back ramrod straight, eyes fixated on the screen, hands poised in readiness to carry out the last task. Silently and effectively the wish to have nothing more to do with the present environment is communicated.

Picture tagline: Friday 17:59 PM

A romantic atmosphere, a dark skyline stars twinkling down at you and a nice bottle of wine to enjoy your meal . Smiling lips, happy eyes, a relaxed jaw line, gales of laughter as we unwind. Unconsciously celebrating our love at the end of a mundane but stressful week. Creating the memory of happy times shared together.

Picture tagline: Sweet Saturdays

Happy, but a bit apprehensive, bracing up for the new week. Tension lines returning, body gearing up to go. Eyes becoming steel again, fingers flexed and ready to work. Smartly dressed, flawless makeup, not a single hair out-of-place. Eyes fixed on the goal ; getting through to Friday.

Picture tagline: Mad Mondays.

response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

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