Can you pass the blame please?

Happy new month people, and what a way to start February, with some harsh truths.

Ok so over the last few days I had to come to terms with a very pertinent fact about myself, I am not used to accepting blame and its not fun. Growing up in a large family has a few perks, a handy one is being able to pass the bulk/blame for  your actions onto someone else. It doesn’t seem life damaging or threating at a young age but as you get older it might become an impediment to personal growth.

Its not that I don’t take ownership of my actions rather passing the blame makes it easy to put 70%, sometimes 50% effort into things. If it doesn’t end up right at least there’s someone else involved to blame it on. Having my family and child away from home has made this flaw all the more obvious. Every choice has to be researched and evaluated as a wrong decision might have a colossal effect on us and there is no one else to hold responsible. Ranging from simple decisions of where baby will nap to what family friendly career I can pursue. Each must be perused properly and not taken with levity.

Chances of identifying this flaw back home would have been slimmer because I would have different relatives ready to help with baby. Making career enquiries would be easy as there would be a lot of personal referrals to choose from.With all this assistance it would be easy to blame someone else when things go wrong. Taking responsibility for my choices/decisions is a daunting and overwhelming task. However am learning that the key would be to never allow apportioning blame stop me from learning from an incident. It should also not stop me from correcting the mishap. Things might not go to plan but spending time shifting blame would be wasteful.

In conclusion my new target is to live through the remaining 332days of the year without  passing blame unduly. Here’s to becoming  a better me.



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