Seasons; life and years.

It’s amazing how a close look at nature can help us understand life’s journey. Regardless of where we live the seasons of the year serve as indicators of how life flows: from dry, cold or harsh spells to warm, lively periods. One would expect everyone to flourish better in the warmth, but the above picture proves us wrong.

Every plant has its season, some grow in the midst of harsh conditions a reminder that life will continue no matter how bleak. The beauty and growth of the plant are enhanced by its environment, an indication that each plant is well matched by nature to a perfect season. But beneath the surface lies another wonder of nature, plants waiting to emerge in spring. their ability to stay incubated underground is laudable.

Just like plants, we have to embrace our seasons in life. Don’t get jealous of another or become too anxious to grow. Each of us will have our day above the surface. A hasty emergence might mean an early exit, as the environment might not be favorable. Stay calm, stay put, the seasons will soon turn. This is something I have to tell myself daily.

I was inspired by this post, you should have a look at it.

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