All 3 P’s

On the enthralling journey of life its easy to become exhausted and lose ourselves in daily tasks. It becomes even more difficult when you have a role to play that is multifaceted. For example a hotel manager is responsible for ensuring that meals are prepared right on time, orders to vendors are made, guests are properly accommodated etc. though not directly charged with executing the task he is responsible for the end results regardless. He must amicably handle his staff, guests and private life. At no point is it acceptable to be condescending, rude or negligent of any part of his life at least theoretically.

This is exactly the same for a parent, most have to play the role of parent, partner and still be their own person daily. Each role has varying responsibilities at different times and sometimes the demands can be pretty intense.  However your personality must never change across these roles, if you teach your children not to lie you as a person and partner shouldn’t as well ‘cos if the child finds out it taints their image of you.

Just as water never loses its intricate traits regardless of form Ice, water or steam, as parents we must never lose our personalities whether we function as a parent, partner or person. To every parent out there keeping the faith, you have my out most respect.

Am new on this parenting escapade, any tips on how to do it right will be warmly welcomed.

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