Is it the same animal?

I find myself repeating the question “IS IT THE SAME ANIMAL?” every time the debate on the  perception of life abroad by the average person is raised by my friend. It’s an odd question, but the concept behind it is, I might be looking at the head of an elephant whilst my friend might be looking at the tail. If we both had to describe it we would still share two similar adjectives “huge and grey”. Whatever aspect we are looking at it never changes the animal, it only influences our perception of it. It’s her belief that the idea of greener pastures being abroad  is propagated but those back home but my belief is that  those who come home to visit the paint an unrealistic picture of life abroad. Whatever the case I strongly believe that a misconception about life abroad exists, where the blame lies remains a mystery? So long as we both know agree it’s a huge grey animal am happy with that when she starts to see a white stripy animal then there might be problems. Maybe in the future she would see my point of view when the elephant faces her. Guess that shows I don’t like to loose! For now though am happy we agree to disagree.

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