#JeSuisCharlie VS #IamNigerian

 #IamNigeria Source: nationonline.org

Before I start I know this post will not gather many positive reactions if at all any but I feel the need to say my piece.The present loss of life and general chaos created by extremist in France and Nigeria is honestly disheartening. No matter where, how or the number of lives lost such events demands that people rise up and defend the value of life, peace and co-existence. That said I take exception to Nigerians accusing the western world of not coming to its aid.

The reaction bids me ask; what have our own leaders done to address the issue? Did they take any definite actions to rescue the 200 girls missing to date? Can we honestly say that they have no idea how to tackle the situation? What have we as citizens done to show our displeasure?  Before accusing me of encouraging an insurrection, please note, a peaceful powerful action showing our anger towards the injustice this sect has inflicted nationally is what I ask. The French government’s response to the attacks was immediate, national security was tightened. Both citizens and government came out to march and show their displeasure by the attack. Presently schools and busy areas are guarded by the military till normalcy is restored.

What were the reactions of our government and national security body to our crisis? Our President is silent on it but shows solicitude with France. Our military doesn’t acknowledge the situation either by words or action, a military hailed as the strongest one in Africa. The attitude of NGOs, multinational companies and churches is questionable. I see these organizations as instruments of change in the nation, I would have expected them to unite together and lead a strong peaceful mass demonstration similar to France. Who am I kidding? How many people would show up? Funds and volunteers can also be raised by them to help victims of such calamities.

Do I blame us the Nigerian citizens?  Yes and no. No, for the following reasons: it would be foolish risking your life for a course that becomes buried once you die or become incarcerated; this has been the case with past situations. No because followers should not die for a course except the leaders have given it their best.

Yes, because even with the apparent neglect by the present government come 14TH OF February we would still let the caricature called elections to produce results we have no faith in. Yes, because as a nation we have no cohesive force, no centre of agreement simply put we not united. On a daily basis, we find it hard to come together and genuinely see a course to the end. Until we find OUR VOICE as a nation, OUR IDENTITY that demands everyone is treated as equals, I fear that even the western world would not be able to save us and we must first save ourselves. They might help, but the change, we need, must be skin deep.


Do remember that France placed a value on its citizens by its actions. It rose up to the challenge, showed initiative long before the West showed up.

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