Should I be relocating?

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The choice of the UK as home was not trivial (as you know I love me my comfort zone), we considered several factors and one was choosing the best place for our long term goals. Doing a thorough research of your destination is essential, however a 100% certainty of what lies ahead is impossible. Trust me I know this from personal experience.

People relocate for several different reasons; a prominent one is the quest for a better life. Although a good reason to relocate it is a recipe for disaster with no set plans in place. When making plans you must consider that preference will always be given to citizens first and certain benefits would be out of reach. The resulting effect is a reduced number of jobs and stiff competition amongst migrants.  Keep in mind that once you move your bills start building in your new home, it doesn’t wait for you to become successful. A great deal of time might elapse before you become comfortable and disregarding these factors might mean you become stuck in a runt, tempted to take up a dubious lifestyle.

Secondly, people relocate to study or work. Attaining a qualification or higher degree has become increasingly popular; the degree gets better credence when attained abroad. Changes in immigration policies and cost of living in the UK makes getting an online degree wiser. Relocating to start a new job might seem like a no brainer however cost of living, long term career plans and personal growth opportunities should be considered.

Relocating to escape physical danger or natural disaster is another reason; under this circumstance having a plan other than surviving is commendable. Settling into your new surroundings is “somewhat” easier with support from the country, but creating a solid foundation for your new home depends solely on you. Take free courses/trainings to help you integrate and carve out a career niche for yourself. Becoming an economic burden or nuisance taints the characters of other immigrants for posterity’s sake behave better.

Whatever your reasons for relocating do research the following questions:

  1. How long am I relocating for?
  2. What are the immigration laws at my desired destination?
  3. Is this relocation to fulfil a dream destination?
  4. Is the move affordable?
  5. Is my present residence hindering my opportunity for growth?
  6. What are my career opportunities/options?
  7. What responsibilities do you have currently, e.g. family would they move with you? If they stay how you would take care of them?

Before you leave home, ensure you have your facts right; least you trade your golden goose before it lays the egg. Fear shouldn’t stop you from moving, don’t just join the bandwagon make the move count for you.


3 thoughts on “Should I be relocating?

  1. Great advice! I’m looking at a cross country move this year and I really appreciate the tips! One of the ongoing red flags people mention to me is the potential culture shock. I’m glad to find an article that mentions all the other things to consider too.


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