Week 1: Relocating.

cottageRelocate: to locate again, establish or lay out in a new place.
merriam-webster dictionary

Moving house is a stressful and exciting process; excited for     the new start but distressed at the thought of boxing up all      your belongings. When it comes to relocating, these feelings    become a hundred times more intense. The journey and  expenses involved in relocating makes it the least desirable    decision to make.

Boxing up my belongings and making the six hour journey to the UK wasn’t really difficult for me probably because I like to travel. however tackling the challenge of building a new home far from all that is familiar, is an entirely different story. This final phase of creating a home is an on-going process, for some of us it takes us a while to get all settled for others it’s a smooth sailing process.

It all finally comes together when we find something we can connect to, something that gives our life a purpose, for some of us its new friends, a job, a place of worship, a school or just a new lifestyle. For me it was a mixture of several factors but the most important was having my daughter she motivates me to be the best example I can be for her.

People relocate for several reasons,some do it alone, others with family, some for a temporary period others permanently. As the week unfolds we will take a closer look at all the issues associated with relocations hope to hear and learn from your experience as we delve into the topic.

asia I would like to know,why did you move? What gets you going in your new home? What do you love most and what would you like to change about your new home? If you could bring one thing from home what would it be?



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